Meet Coach V: Vera Ross


Trust that you’re being coached by a certified San Diego personal trainer. Coach V is nationally certified through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, holds a TRX suspension training certification, has kettlebell and weight lift training, and the experience of over 10 years of run coaching.

Training Since 2012

Coach V was a competitive athlete her entire life before making her passion her career. Since 2012, Vera has been working to help clients reach their health goals with results-driven programming for clients of all abilities. No matter where you are on your path to fitness, Vera will help you achieve your goals!

Nutritional Support

What happens in the kitchen and what happens in the gym go hand in hand. No matter your dietary choices and restrictions, Coach V can create a nutritional guide that you will love. Maximize your results with nutritional coaching that fits your lifestyle and your fitness goals. 

About Me

I am passionate about helping others create healthier, happier lives through fitness and nutrition. I am a certified personal trainer specializing in creating individualized fitness programming and nutritional counseling to clients who are looking to create lasting, healthy lifestyle changes.  My training style combines time-tested workout techniques that I have mastered over the past 15 years as a competitive athlete with the most current trends in fitness to get my clients results. As a collegiate athlete, I earned an athletic scholarship for my contributions to both cross country and track and field.  After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I continued to pursue my passion for athletics through helping others achieve their fitness goals.

My approach to health and fitness is a holistic one, far beyond the physical aspect of working out, my program is more like lifestyle coaching. I combine fitness training with personalized nutritional counseling to ensure that my clients are truly improving all aspects of their health.  A healthy lifestyle is all about balance, and I strive to provide my clients with the support and information they need to enact real lasting changes throughout all dimensions of their lives.  Regular exercise and proper nutrition are the foundations for a happy and healthy lifestyle- I provide the guidance and coaching to create balanced, active and healthful lives!

I believe that the only workout worth doing is the one you look forward to. As a certified fitness professional I am constantly learning the latest and greatest workout techniques to inject fresh, new moves into my client’s routines, you will never get bored with my workouts!

Let me help you become the healthiest version of yourself!