Cynde S.

“My fitness journey started with a doctor’s recommendation. Over the past 10 years, I have gradually put on weight, slowly creeping up to over 200 lbs. In 2016, I made a decision to take my doctor’s recommendation and hire a personal trainer to help me achieve my weight loss and fitness goals. I got extremely lucky and found Vera Ross. My journey with Vera started in January 2016. At our starting point, I weighed in at 230 lbs. I work out with Vera about 3-4 times per week. Vera challenges and motivates me inside the gym, but also provides me with tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym including food recommendations and workouts. Seven months after I started with Vera, I am proud to say that I have lost 31.6 lbs., 5.3% body fat and 5% BMI. This is a huge accomplishment and I feel that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Vera. She challenges me to do my best and work hard. The hard work has paid off. I still have work to do to achieve my ultimate fitness goals and I will absolutely be continuing that journey with Vera. I couldn’t see myself working with anyone else. I am grateful to have found Vera!”

Carmina N.

“My hubby and I train with Vera Ross twice a week. We’ve been going for about two months consistently. Vera is very professional and a nice person too. Her workouts are complete but always focus on the areas of the body we’re interested in. Vera is knowledgeable about the work outs and always teaches us how to do them safely before we dive in. We have a great time working out with Vera, and I would recommend it to any of my friends.”

Amy E.

“Vera has been my personal trainer coming up on a year, and I still couldn’t be happier. She has played a significant role in helping me achieve many personal goals, including weight loss, increased endurance and over all well-being. Now it is more important than ever for me to continue on the path Vera has set for me as I’ll be getting married this coming October. I’ve continued to see Vera 2-3 times a week since I first started working out with her and the results have been fantastic. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone who isn’t necessarily a fan of crowded, expensive gyms but is serious about getting in, and staying in great shape.”

Adeline J.

“I have been working with Vera for two years now. She is a great personal trainer that encourages you to work to be healthy in a positive manner and her workouts are always fun! I feel very comfortable working out with her and she is very personable. Highly recommend!”

Carolina J.

“Vera is a great coach and motivator. She will tailor the workouts based on your individual goals. She is constantly coming up with new routines and exercises to change them up. She has worked with me through my training for a marathon twice and I was able to improve my times. I highly recommend her as a coach.”

Sonya N.

“Working out with Vera has been exactly what I’ve needed to stay motivated and disciplined about my fitness. She keeps pushing me to become stronger and I’ve noticed results. It’s been an absolute pleasure working out with Vera and I highly recommend her to help you accomplish your fitness goals.”